Video Marketing and Video SEO

Video marketing and video SEO have become very important factors in the world of Internet Marketing.  As a result, I must admit I am feeling rather pleased with myself. 

Several years ago, I dipped my toe into that vast bubbling lake of lava known as video, thanks to a gentleman by the name of Kevin Riley, who ran a training course on video creation over at the Warrior forum.  It was hot!  Of course, being of the older, somewhat more wrinkled persuasion, I was suitably cautious, too darned cautious. I stumbled along way behind everybody else, but I got there in the end.

Needless to say, my tentative toe dipping eventually turned into a full-blown enthusiasm when I came across  the subjects of Video Marketing and Video SEO (also known as VSEO). It is utterly fascinating!  To heck with being cautions anymore.  I have dived in fast like a teenager skinny dipping for the first time.

Lucky for me, I also got to know a video marketing expert by the name of Cliff Carrigan, (I purchased a video marketing product from him).  He set up a video marketing Skype group which was/is terrific, because we are able to brainstorm on anything and everything related to video.  I have met some really wonderful people there.

I am now in the process of completing a Video Marketing and Video SEO product, and when I gave Cliff a draft copy to review for me, I was over the moon to discover that he was able to pick up a tip from me.

One thing I learned early on is that article SEO and video SEO are somewhat different but definitely complimentary to each other. While they can each stand alone, video definitely stands a lot taller, after all, that pool of hot lava sits on the top of a mountain and fromVideo Marketing and Video SEO are like a LavaFlow time to time, spills over and wipes out everything in its path.

Video marketing and video SEO are about to do the same thing.  So if you have not yet entered the dynamic world of video, I rather think it is time you did.

Keep your eye open for my tutorial “Video Marketing Dynamo” and make sure that you (or your site,  to be more specific) are not over-run by the Video Marketing and Video SEO tide of lava.

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