Elite Acadamy Training Review Part One

Internet Marketing Training

Building Your own Online Business

I mentioned on my home page that I am undergoing a training course as both a reviewer and as a student.  The Elite Academy Training Course is run  by Bertus Engelbrecht, a fellow South African and also a well known, full time Internet Marketer. 

The training is broken into 5 phases each of which is divided into 3 week sections.  The 5th phase however is a little different to the first four in that, it involves  ongoing advanced training, 1-on-1 coaching and partnering, but more on that later.

Right now I am in the process of completing Phase 1 which is the foundation to creating a solid online business. It encompasses everything from deciding that you would like to have an online business, right through to the incredibly important research phase and your final decision. It also includes building your first website.  Every facet is dealt with in depth.

I would love to have had access to information of this nature when I first started out.  It originally took me months and months to figure out what I was supposed to do; How I was supposed to do it; and why I was supposed to do it.   Even then, I missed a few vital points, which I only discovered much later.  I estimate that I probably wasted at least 9 months trying to teach myself just the basics.

One thing I am really impressed with is that Bertus makes himself available to every single one of his students, both as part of a group and where necessary, on a one on one basis as well.




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