Meeting other Internet Marketers and getting to know each other

I had a really awesome day today.  I finally got to meet several other local Internet Marketers here in Cape Town, South Africa. We had a Meet and Greet at a restaurant at the V&A Waterfront.  Lunch at the Sevruga was delicious.  Unfortunately there were a few people who couldn’t make it, but we are hoping to have more get-togethers in the future, probably once every month or every second month.

Some time ago, I felt I really needed to find other South African IMers.   I started trawling around the Warrior Forum and also mentioned the fact at a group that I belonged to.  Eureka!  The guy that ran that group, just happened to know of three and the rest is history.  We have now all connected on Skype and chat to each other almost every single day.  Already, business liaisons have been made and projects set up between some members of the group. 

It really is not necessary to feel as if you are the only person in your town who has, or is trying to set up a successful online business.  Do what I did, get out of your comfort zone and go hunting.  Send out PMs (personal messages).  Places to look are Warrior Forum, Facebook, linked in and any Skype group you happen to belong to.  Don’t forget to check the Mastermind groups at the Warrior Forum as well.

If you are a South African, (doesn’t matter where you actually live) you are welcome to drop me a line via the contact me page and I will add you to the group.

At first, I must admit to having found things rather difficult.  Everything I have learned about the various types of online business and internet marketing in general has been self taught.  Needless to say, I have stumbled and fallen flat on my face many times because I have thought that I have managed to figure things out, only to discover that something was missing.

The important part is not to give up.  If at all possible you need to try and find yourself a mentor/tutor.  Finding the right person is not always easy and certainly not cheap.  But, it is certainly a lot cheaper than setting up a brick and mortar off-line business.  There is a great deal to learn, and you really do need someone to set you on the right path and make sure you don’t accidentally head off in the wrong direction.

A little tip:  Have ever wondered about the fact that when people comment on various blog posts and in other places,  in some cases a picture of the actual person shows, while for others, no picture shows?  Well here is how you can ensure that your picture shows up too.

Go to the sign up page for and create a free account.  You will of course need to provide your email address.  Sign up and then upload your favorite image of yourself.  A head and shoulders is usually best.  It won’t be long before you start seeing your image showing up on gravater enabled sites as well.  Gravaters are built in to WordPress sites so your image will automatically show up whenever you make a comment on a wordpress site as long as the webmaster has allowed it.

Go ahead and set yourself up with a gravater image if you have never done it before, then come back here and make a comment (be nice) so that you can ensure that it works for you. 



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