A Very Exciting Day

Last night I worked until almost 4 a.m. in an effort to get some of my backlog finished off (still have lots to do though).  Then I staggered up again at 7 a.m.  in order to accompany my daughter and my grand daughter  to find out if my grand daughter would be a candidate for an eye gaze machine.  It was truly a fantastic experience. 

As a Rett Syndrome child, Erin can’t speak but by using an eye-gaze machine she can focus her eyes on a specific block and the computer will then speak for her.  Her mother was absolutely ecstatic, when on passing something to Erin, the child’s eyes immediately moved to the “thank you” block and for the very first time Kim heard her daughter “speak”.  Just a pity that the machine was programed with a mans voice :-(

Needless to say Rett Syndrome South Africa is a site that I designed and work on constantly, but there is still a long way to go.  Nor is it the only site I own.

I have tried working with static sites in the past, but when creating an authority site which usually ends up with hundreds of pages, I find WordPress so much easier, especially when categorizing and linking pages.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also so much easier.  I usually use the Yoast plug-in for SEO puposes

My favorite theme is, Thesis.  I do own several others premium themes but tend to use Thesis exclusively.  I even purchased a premium set of plugins designed specifically for the Thesis theme and which make the design work even easier, I love them.

When you are starting out however, it is not a good idea to run around purchasing all the lovely premium items that abound.  There are thousands of really great free themes available.  You can start buying premium products when you are comfortable with what you are doing and ideally only when you see that you are starting to earn an income online.

When it comes to starting an online business, it really is not necessary to spend a fortune.  Your most important purchases will be related to registering and hosting your website as well as having a good autoresponder service. 

Your registration costs can be anything from $10 per year (if you don’t buy any extras) to approximately $50 per year if you land up purchasing all the extras, which are really not necessary in the early stages of your business. Hosting costs also vary depending on what you choose to purchase and who you purchase with and whether you choose to pay monthly or annually. Your Autoresponder service will not cost more than $20 per month.  So, with a monthly budget of $50 you can begin creating a viable business on line, whereas if you were trying to set up a brick and mortar business, it would probably cost you quite a few thousand dollars.

Just a reminder though, online or offline, your business will take long hours, hard work, focus and absolute dedication before you can say that you are a success.

Yes, there are those who come out of nowhere, all bright lights and glittering with what appears to be gold dust.  Unfortunately after a while, the lights fail and the dust proves to be fools gold and they disappear into the darkness once more.





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