Internet Marketing Scams and Cons

Internet Marketing


Scams and Cons


The Internet Marketing World is no different from the real or offline world when it comes to scams and cons.  There will always be people doing their best to get at whatever little money you might have in any way they can.  They promise you the earth if only you will sign your hard earned cash over to them.

You will be shown “proof” of their earnings,; their cars; their homes; their lifestyle.  When you see that kind of information, the best thing you can do is run like hell.  Do not give your telephone number out so that someone can contact you personally. Do not listen to all the promises of earning quick money for no outlay.  It is a lie!

It takes time and a lot of learning before you will earn a decent income.  Yes, I do know a number of people who earn their incomes via the internet.  But they are not filthy rich and nor are they likely to be.  They are ordinary men and women who have worked hard to establish themselves and their particular area of expertise.  They are  people who are thoughtful, considerate and helpful. 

Ethical Internet Marketers like them will ALWAYS tell you that you WILL NOT get rich quick.  They will tell you that if you do not have spare money lying around then you must not get involved in Internet Marketing.  They will also freely tell you how to get started slowly using free resources of which there are many.

Something I have said before and will say again, is that Internet Marketing is not a business in and of itself. All business do marketing whether online or offline.  Internet Marketing is merely the online version of marketing a product or service.

In order to avoid being scammed or conned, you need to decide what your business is going to be first.  You need to to find out whether there is actually a market for what you wish to sell be it a physical product or a digital product. 

For the most part Internet Marketing used to revolve around digital product e.g. eBooks which provide information on a specific topic.  This has changed to a degree as more and more big companies jump on the bandwagon and market their offline physical products via the internet.

If you have time available, then yes, you will eventually earn a decent living off the internet, you will be able to work from home.  Certainly, it is far cheaper to start an Internet business than an off line business because the same overheads do not apply to an Internet business.

So once again.  If someone makes you all sorts of wonderful promises in return for a large chunk of cash, then get out of there!

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