Don’t want to receive Payments by check anymore?

Payoneer Master Card

I live in South Africa which means that places like Share-a-Sale and Commission Junction as well as many others will only pay me by check.  Needless to say, when they do issue the cheque it takes forever to reach me and then several more weeks before the local Forex department clears the cheque and pays it into my bank account.

As an example, I earned several hundred dollars in June with Clickbank and only received my cheque at the end of July.  I then deposited the money on August 8 and finally had the funds transferred into my bank account on August 26.

Quite frankly, having to wait three months to actually receive what I had earned twelve weeks previously has never suited me one little bit.  PayoneerSo a little while ago I did a bit of research and discovered that I could actually have my own USA bank account and debit card and that I can also link it to PayPal.  Now If I want to draw cash, I can simply go to the nearest ATM and draw it out no matter where in the world I happen to be.

While Payoneer has been around for quite a while and I had heard mention of it from time to time, I am sad to say I never really listened to what was being said.

Meanwhile, right now I am ecstatic!  I already have my new debit card and I can start offering affiliate products from all those companies that once would only pay me by check and know that I will get my earnings via direct deposit and a lot faster than before.

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