Elite Video Evolution detailed Review

Elite Video Evolution Product Review

I purchased Elite Video evolution a few days ago and am very impressed.  This is definitely one of the better video marketing products currently available.

Module one – Pre Video Essentials – 51 minutes

Welcome and overview + Discover who your core prospect is. Understand who your prospect really is, get into his mind. i.e. customer profiling – this really goes into a lot of depth. Use this to create your ideal customer. There is obviously a whole lot more to this module, but from a pure marketing and demographic research point of view this is excellent training.

Module two – Killer VSL Scripts – 40 minutes

This is very good training for all and any product promotions using video. When all is said and done when promoting a product, any product, including affiliate products you should remember that your video is a sales mechanism.

Module three – Video Engagement, Influence & Persuasion – 44 minutes

The 6 triggers to get your viewer to say yes and how they can be geared for video specifically.

Module four – Professional Presentation Creation – 10 minutes

Recording your audio and editing same. He also includes best practices.

Module 5 – Swipe & Deploy Presentations – 2 x 19 minute videos

One video shows a bad sales letter and the other demonstrates a good sales letter. An editable slideshow and script is provided for each, which you can download and make use of to create your own video sales letters.

Module 6 – Professional Video Creation On a Budget – 5 sub modules

You are going to have to left click and open each of these in a new window because “view next …” link is not working correctly at this time. Once you have watched them you will have to use your browser to get back to the Module list so that you can find Module 7

The Basics – using your smart phone – shooting, lighting and audio basics with recommendations where needed. Some really excellent tips and information. (view next …” link is not working)

Talking Head Videos – 3 videos – all quite short (view next …” link is not working)

White Background Videos – 1 video – how to create a white background for your video. (view next …” link is not working)

Resources Guide – A list of really useful Apps for both iPhone and smartphone as well a list of budget equipment. (no view next …” link ) Wish I had known about these sooner, but as they say, better late than never. I must say that the apps for the iPhone fx are really fantastic. I will definitely be looking at purchasing the iPhone next time around.

Bonus Training – 2 videos – Creating video effects on a budget. This is so simple and so awesome!

Module 7 – NLP For Video Presenters – 17 minutes

How to be a great video presenter. This is something I really need because I am not very comfortable in front of the camera. It is also great advice you can give to the person you will be filming if you don’t plan on being in the firing line yourself.

Module 8 – EVE Green Screen – 46 minutes

Creating green screen videos; doing talking head videos; editing and point and click videos. Picked up a couple of great tips that I never thought about before. So clever!

Module 9 – Google Hangout Traffic – 18.5 minutes

A super simple and very clear explanation about how to use Google Hangouts correctly.

Overall, Elite Video Evolution, also known as EVE,  is a great buy.  I definitely picked up several gold nuggets and will be referring back to it often.

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